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Honduras Honey Decaf identifies as the mom who can do it all (insert eye roll here). She takes her coffee decaf because caffeine is not needed! Does she secretly get her energy from those herbal supplements she sells or is she really just THAT annoyingly perfect?!

Honduras Honey Decaf is a sweet and flavorful coffee. Pour some with dessert after dinner or anytime caffeine isn't needed. Usually coffee is decaffeinated by a solvent that draws out the caffeine. However, this experimental decaf uses a water saturation process which organically decaffeinates it with pure mountain water from Pico de Orizaba. It is first grown and harvested by a small collective of produce producers in the Marcala region of Honduras. It then takes a trip to Descamex in Mexico for the decaffeination process.

We're here to answer the age old question: does decaf coffee also make you poop?
YES! Scientific studies have shown that decaf coffee also gives people the urge to move their bowels, though not quite as much as caffeinated coffee. There might be multiple factors at play... First, some chemical compounds that are in decaf coffee may have something to do with it. Second, eating and drinking alone activates the gastrocolic reflex. And lastly, the bowels are simply more active in the morning right after you wake up!

Tasting Notes: Citrus, Chocolate

FARM/LOT NAME: De La Finca Marcala Collective

ORIGIN : Marcala, Honduras

PROCESS : Honey Process + Mountain Water Process


SKU: HH-D-20

Brand: Poppets Coffee

Coffee Beans: 100% Arabica

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Weight: 12 oz